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  • Why drink juice?
    It has been recommended that individuals should consume between 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, which is difficult to do with our busy schedules! Drinking cold pressed juice is a great way to receive the crucial vitamins and minerals we need, but are often failing to receive each day. Drinking juice is both a delicious and efficient way to help increase our daily servings of fruits and vegetables and can help add a wider variety of veggies into your diet. Drinking juice can also help you: Increase Energy Detoxify the Body Boost the Immune System Reduce Inflammation Support Brain Health Aid Digestion Support Weight Loss Supply a Diversity of Nutrients
  • What is Cold Pressed Juice?
    Cold-Pressed Juice is made using a hydraulic press that applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. Because no additional heat or oxygen is used in the process, valuable nutrients aren't lost in the traditional process of pasteurization. This method of juice extraction helps keep more vitamins and minerals in your juice, resulting in a healthier you!
  • Is the juice 100% Organic?
    Yes! Our intention is to create the most nutrient dense juices for our customers and, in our opinion, organic high-quality ingredients are essential to that success. By choosing to be 100% organic with our juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls, we reduce our chances of consuming toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and instead receive only the highest quality nutrition.
  • How long does the juice stay fresh?
    We do Not pasteurize or process any of our fresh juice to extend the shelf-life. Therefore, depending on the recipe, our juices will remain fresh between 4- 5 days. While many juices last even longer, we use a ‘best by’ date displayed on each bottle to ensure you enjoy your juice at peak freshness. Remember this product is raw, so please keep refrigerated.
  • Do you sell anything other than juice?
    Yes! We also serve superfood smoothies and smoothie bowls, superfood lattes and hot drinks, gluten-free toasts, gluten-free Sandwiches, gluten-free waffles, as well as a variety of gluten-free baked goods. Our selection is always on rotation to provide the freshest in season varieties. Stop by or check out our social media to see what we have in the store today.
  • Is Everything Gluten-Free?
    Yes! All of our juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls are naturally vegan and gluten-free. Also! WE ARE A GLUTEN-FREE EATERY! All of our Toasts, Sandwiches, Waffles, and Baked Goods are also gluten-free!
  • Why do you use glass bottles?
    We are committed to using only glass bottles to serve our 100% Organic Juice and our house made nut-seed Mylks. Glass bottles, unlike plastic, contain no harmful chemicals that could leach into your drink and harm your health. The higher durability of glass bottles also allows it to be recycled and reused multiple times without the quality of the bottle decreasing. With 14 million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans and 27 million tons of plastic ending up in our landfills every year, we are committed to reducing single serving plastic bottles in the marketplace. By using exclusively glass bottles and providing a bottle return credit ($.25/bottle), we hope to incentivize customer recycling where each Pressed On Main bottle can be recycled and reused hundreds of times.
  • Can I Order Online?
    Very Soon! Right now, the best way to reach us is by placing an order over the phone at: (425) 292-9268. Pickup orders will soon be placed online -- be sure to subscribe to be the first to know when we go live! Ways to order: - Order by calling our North Bend location at: (425) 292-9268. - Order through the online site -- accessible on both desktop and your mobile device. *NOTE: We will always do our best to accommodate your requests! To ensure peak freshness when ordering a 3-day and 5-day Juice Cleanse Orders please provide 48 Hour Notice.
  • Can I place a Custom Order?
    Yes! It bring us joy to create an order you will love! Message us online or call the store today to discuss customization options and bulk ordering.
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