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Local Family-Owned Business

As locals in The Valley, we recognized that our community needed access to healthy food options. That is why we created Pressed On Main -- a health conscious Cold Pressed Juice Shop and Gluten Free Eatery where you can fuel your body, feed your family, and feel good about it.


Located on Main Avenue in Downtown North Bend, our mission is to provide The Valley with fresh, nutrient dense food options that restore and fuel our bodies the way that nature intended.

With an abundance of WA grown fresh produce in the area, we are committed to sourcing locally when possible and using only 100% organic produce in our juices, house made nut and seed mylks, smoothies and smoothie bowls.


We are also committed to sustainability and using exclusively compostable grab-and-go containers and glass bottles to serve our juice, which is better for both our bodies and the planet.


Bottle returns are deeply encouraged!

(return credit $.25/bottle) 

Most importantly, we never add sugar, water, or any preservatives to any of our juices, smoothies, or smoothie bowls -- we offer only natural, RAW, 100% Organic ingredients that nourish the body from the inside out.

Whether you are an experienced foodie or coming in for the first time we hope the space welcomes you and provides you with an exceptional experience. 

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In addition to offering 100% Organic Cold Pressed Juice, we knew our community also needed accessible, easy and healthy food options, which is why we are also a Gluten-Free Eatery. We serve a daily rotation of gluten-free baked goods, toasts, sandwiches and waffles. We promise that you will love it and won't miss the gluten! Side by side taste tests with the local bakery are encouraged! 


Our baked goods are offered on a rotation so stop by regularly to try new seasonal varieties. We also offer Vegan, Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free options as well.

Whether you've grown up in The Valley or are just driving through, we can't wait to welcome you!   


Fresh Strawberries


At Pressed On Main we believe that what you put into your body is the basis for how you will feel. That is why we feel it is essential to use only 100% Organic produce in our juice. When you drink Cold Pressed Juice, you are drinking a highly concentrated source of beneficial vitamins and minerals.  By using exclusively organic produce, we are able to increase the amount of beneficial living enzymes in our juice and eliminate the potential risks of consuming hazardous pesticides or fertilizers.


Using exclusively organic produce is critical to our mission. Our juice is served raw and unpasteurized helping to maintain its highest natural quality. We never use any preservatives to extend our shelf-life and serve only the freshest natural juices that we feed our own family. 

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